These Methods Help for Increase Wifi Speed

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If the game or on the facebook network is that the network becomes slower, then don’t worry !  Just you refer to the methods in this article, you can easily speed up wifi without expensive costs or take more time but also can preserve the router is better.

These Methods Help for Increase Wifi Speed

How to speed up Wi-Fi ?

Latest WiFi router in the middle of the House

Because the router signal go all directions, so you should put in wifi in the middle of the House is the best. Absolutely not put wifi in the House or near the corners of the window. Moving the router in place can definitely improve the signal significantly.

Latest WiFi router is higher than the floor

Because most of the equipment was designed to broadcast when the signal toward the exit and wave antenna mobile through solid materials such as metal, concrete and cement. So the best is you put the router at least 01 metter higher than the floor. Perhaps on the table or Bookshelf is right.

So the latest WiFi router in place you use wifi

Remember that wifi is always strongest in the room put the router in that room. So please put it in the center of the room you usually connect the devices via wifi.

Latest WiFi router in place of the few obstructions

Wifi signal can be absorbed by many types of material so you will have to put it in place as open as possible. Radio waves move in the best environment not obstructions, so please avoid to the router in the corner of a wall or in a cupboard. It is best to put in where you can see the remote router and from many sides.

To WiFi router away from electronic equipment

The electronic device can do wifi signal interference is: viba oven, TV, telephone … Thus, you avoid the latest router near the electronic equipment as below the TV. In addition, the large metal fixtures can also block the loss of signal and reduce speed to wifi, so please avoid put wifi in their vicinity.

What affects the speed up wifi

The Bluetooth device: maybe you do not know but the older Bluetooth devices are influencing the wifi network, make the network becomes slow and difficult to access. Therefore, you should change the phone after a few years of use to reduce the Bluetooth capabilities may interfere with the WiFi network.

Free Wifi, why not?

Free Wifi

Wifi technology mushroomed, sometimes just out of the House, you already can search dozens of wifi networks.

Latest wifi devices at more than have the moisture: water can also affect the speed of wireless networks. Humidity will also affect the speed of WiFi, but not as much as you may have noticed. So, make sure your wifi is always dry to ensure the wifi speed.

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