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Best Laptops for 2021

With improved technology, the best laptop will always serve you in the best way possible. You don’t have to stick to the old models while processing new information. Updating is a sure way to get the best quality regarding content and operation of the laptop. The best laptops in 2021 are all that you need to make your work more digital and have an experience with the new features that perform additional functions. The reviews below target the best three laptops with price ranges of under $300, $500, $1000.

Top 3 Best Laptop You Can Buy This Year [Reviews]

Best laptop under $300

HP 15-F222WM 15.6″ Touch Screen Laptop

Are you looking for the cheapest laptop with all the specs functioning excellently? Probably, you might consider having HP 15-F222WM 15.6″. This is a laptop designed to handle the new and upcoming innovations. It features a ram size of 4gb.

You will love the speed at which this laptop operates per one click. The laptop has a high screen display of 15.6″ that has a high resolution. Your high definition movies and video will always play on this laptop. The laptop touch screen works excellent.

It offers the best way in which you will use less time to access your documents. The touch screen aspect is so swift and doesn’t need too much force when pressing You will never experience sensor errors that come with other similar brands. Its convenience allows you to make quick shortcuts while selecting any document on the laptop.

The computer is made from plastic making it lighter. You don’t have to struggle carrying it in your carry bag due to its light weight.

Best laptop 2017

HP 15-F222WM 15.6″

This laptop supports DVDs that work faster and never make scratches to your CDs. You can play any DVD on this laptop and expect great results.

The player picks faster, hence an ideal option for your entertainment. The laptop operates on a lasting battery that will serve you for hours. The Charger cables are original and designed from quality materials to support a quick charge.

Connecting to the wifi network is easy and works fast. This computer has an easy-to-read manual, hence easy to set up for your use. Even the newbies have found it easy to set up, hence requiring no professional support in its installation. The processor of 2.16 GHz is superb, and you will always see it while browsing and using other computer applications.

The ram, drives, and Softwares have the best functioning hence no need to make upgrades. With a 500gb hard disk, you will be able to store all the information you have ever wanted to save. This laptop competes well with its immediate competitors that have additional specifications. This is a moderately priced laptop that will match your required performance.

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  • The laptop is light, hence easy to carry
  • It’s fairly priced compared to its competitors
  • The presence of a highly sensitive touch screen technology saves your search time
  • The battery life is long
  • It has a large storage capacity


  • The free Windows 10 upgrades on this laptop are very slow.
  • Cannot handle complex tasks beyond its processor level.

Best laptop under $ 500

Cheap Gaming laptop – 2017 Newest Dell Inspiron 15.6″

Dell Inspiron 15.6" FHD Touchscreen

2017 Newest Dell Inspiron 15.6″ FHD Touchscreen

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If you are looking for a touch screen laptop that operates on windows 10, then 2017 Newest Dell Inspiron is the best laptop for you. It’s a fairly priced deal considering its functionality and features. The laptop has a touch screen technology with a high sensitivity. You won’t get frustrated clicking several times.

The laptop works the way you want. With an 8gb ram, you will be able to witness that ability to handle complex activities at high speed. Since it’s a core i5 Intel model, it’s capable of processing complex operations involving video editing and graphic designs.

It has an HDMI operation, hence easy to connect to a TV or other screen display. You can easily transfer data to other components through the HDMI component.

With the best wireless technology, this laptop will allow you to move files with a highs speed Bluetooth operation. Additionally, the laptop has an excellent Wi-Fi technology and connects faster allowing quick browsing.

The 2017 Newest Dell Inspiron features great graphics hence you can use it for designing and other laptop operations. It features a dual-core processor that allows boosting making it easy to operate at high speeds. You will also love the internal memory that can help you store all your files all at once.

The 1TB design makes your storage adequate. You don’t have to move around with auxiliary storage devices to support your storage.

The large screen size makes it easier for you to watch your movies and carry out specific tasks on your laptop. The laptop is light with a smooth body that makes it look great.

The presence of Windows 10 makes your laptop graphics appear excellent with an upgrade operation. It features a 64-bit technology, making it operate on complex tasks.

The presence of a backlit keyboard allows you to run it in dark rooms with ease. The 3D webcam takes videos and pictures of a high quality. You can Skype through with ease and clarity.


  • Long lasting battery life
  • Large storage capacity for all your files
  • Excellent speeds compared to other models
  • Good touch screen technology
  • High ram of 8gb and a superior processor
  • A wide screen with great graphics

Cons: The laptop is a little bit heavy for those who are used to light laptops

Best Gaming Laptops under $ 1000

Best Laptop for Gaming: Asus TUF Gaming TUF505 2021

The Best Asus Laptops of 2019

Asus TUF Gaming TUF505 2021

Asus TUF505 is the best laptop you can have in 2021. It’s a Quad-core AMD Ryzen 7 3750H Processor that works at super high speeds. With this laptop, you enjoy high speeds from its processor. With a 16 GB ram, you can be able to run several applications on your computer all at once.

The laptop has a wide screen for easy viewing. You will not strain with watching your high definition videos as your laptop screen has a high resolution to allow significant graphic processing.

The laptop color makes it look beautiful. Since it weighs 4.85 lbs, you will be able to carry it with ease. The laptop is slim making it appear classy.

It has a powerful battery that lasts for 8 hours once charged. This allows you to carry out various tasks without the fear of power letdown.

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With a 1TB storage capacity, you can be able to store as many files as possible without outsourcing for external storage drives. It operates on Windows 10 home option, and this makes it easy for you to work on complex programs.

With a good DVD and CD operation, you can play different qualities of videos and movies since the screen resolution will be supportive. This sixth generation laptop also features card slot ports and faster USB drive ports for easy data transfer.

You can take advantage of its quick Bluetooth technology to make faster file transfers. Find it easy to make connections to your Wi-Fi with faster speeds. The features on this laptop will always transform your living.


  • High speeds in processing and general computer functioning
  • Large storage capacity
  • Wireless connections, access with ease.
  • Long hours of battery operation

Cons: The laptop can easily damage on wrong voltage charges

If you want your 2021 year to be full of fun and more productive as far as your computer system is concerned, try the models above. They are the good laptops in 2021 with high-quality designs and excellent performance. They are cheap considering their functionality and specs.


There are certainly a number of different laptops you can get that should be bought just based on your needs. Do you want to use it for business, travel, engineering? Or do you want more laptops at various prices such as these:

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