Tresorit – Storage, data synchronization online free

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Tresorit synchronization software files secure cloud-based, easy to use, designed to help you share important data.

Just put any file format into the folder Tresorit and they will automatically synchronize with any computer connected to the same account. The files are encrypted before uploading to the cloud, decoding function can only be performed when the permission of the owner. The encrypted content can be shared without re-encoding.

Tresorit - Storage, data synchronization online free

Tresorit Review

Function of Tresorit:

Easy access to files

The program lets you upload files and folders to the cloud with just a few clicks. Share them with people quickly. The files will be synchronized and updated automatically.

Client side encryption

Tresorit confidential files and folders on your computer before uploading to the cloud. No one can access the content files and folders without permission.

Fully Secure

The issue of security is not just a concern for cloud users – while hosting provider or administrator can access critical data and intrusion into your privacy. But with technology, it Tresorit impossible – your privacy will always be kept strictly confidential.

Multi-layer protection

Tresorit only apply security algorithms industry standard has been published and scrutinized. Each algorithm which are beyond the capacity of the hardware calculations are provided today.
The files are encrypted with AES-256 algorithm before being uploaded to the cloud.

Protection functions support provided before uploading by the authentication code information applied HMAC SHA-512 hash on. The file was encrypted uploaded to the cloud through TLS-protected channel.

Tresorit - Storage, data synchronization online free

Everything is confidential

Tresorit encrypt files and folders on your computer before uploading to the server.

Encoders can share

Cryptographic functionality can share Tresorit lets you share any number of files with other users using only their email addresses easily and safely, while still worry the software contract set and monitor file changes.

Controlling access to powerfu

The access can be granted and revoked quickly with one click. Tresorit allows you to set a number of different roles – the reader, the editor and manager. You will always be in control of their data.

Storage, data synchronization online free


Access data from anywhere

You can access the contents of your encrypted via all devices connected to the Internet: computers, phones …. Tresorit combine protection and mobility.

Group work effectively

This feature allows you to work efficiently group, uninterrupted, and not have to worry about privacy issues. Sharing tool allows you to synchronize information with other users securely.

Provide secure data center

The software stores information at multiple locations within the European Union. All data centers are using modern methods of security, intrusion prevention databases and steal information. Also, this center is equipped with uninterruptible power system and data backup.

Turning any folder into a “treasure”.

Any folder can also be transformed into a secure folder. You do not need to rearrange their information data. To drag and drop a folder, simply right click, click tresoring it, then you can move folders easily.

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