How to fix When Computer Has Been Crashed

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If the application has been crashes , it can not afford to get the information transmit. This problem most often is that you’re using a PC with low profile. Today, PCW ( will help you through a few workarounds.

The computer crashes caused by many causes and common causes that have you running a software too heavy or chime when a software is in the process of opening that CPU and RAM increases may not lead to computer activities and always seemed to be standing image. Open too many browser Tab on the commitment to this situation as well. Really very unpleasant always, I knew early machines used to sit waiting (it takes up to 5-15 minutes) or Reset the machine for it fast. It’s too vain and time correctly. This article will share with you 03 tips to help shut down the application crashes caused extremely simple.

Use Task Manage to turn off the application crashes

Turn off the application when computer has been crashed

To open Task Manager you right-click on the “Taskbar” select “Task Manager” or pressing “Ctrl + Alt + Del” .

A window appears in the tab “Applications” you select the applications pending and click the “End Task

Usually such programs are suspended will be turned off immediately but in some cases you do headstrong step further.

Go to “Processes” tab and find the app name and turn off all go offline.

Using Software Task Killer

Task Killer is a small freeware application lets you turn off the computer is hanging on a quick and simple. Once downloaded and installed, the program will have a small icon in the system tray.

 Using Software Task Killer

Have two options for you :

+ Processes : will list in detail all of your applications.

+ Windows : The application on the Taskbar.

You choose which one to shut down is also offline. Then click on the pending application to shut down.

Create Shortcut file to Refresh RAM

Machine that is due to your RAM capacity rise too high, there is the full 100% always, this time you need to liberate the RAM to retrieve resources for the software to work.

Refresh RAM

This is quite useful and convenient than the other way is that you two are not extinct the program causing a crash type, so for example you are doing something bad, after the refresh, you can do the reception.

In Desktop,  right click and then select New Shortcut. In the “Type the location of the item” you enter the taskkill.exe / f / fi  status  not responding, then click Next choose Finish to perform.

OK then, from now when your application crashes and appear the message “Not Respoding”, you simply double-click the shortcut you just created is immediately suspended status will disappear and you can continue to use and work normally.  Above are three most common ways to help you quit applications on your computer is suspended effective and simplest. Hopefully useful article for you.

Finally, you can apply some way off when computer applications are measured in the above article. PCW hope you will remedy this situation. You should also check the computer to make sure that your computer is no longer such a situation.

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