Ubuntu Desktop – Open source operating system Ubuntu

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Ubuntu is currently one of the open source operating system for free the best and most commonly used today worldwide …

Ubuntu is developed by a community of people who use open-source operating system, is the first operating system is free, designed for laptops, desktops and servers. Whether you use it at school, at work or at any other place, Ubuntu software has enough applications to meet the needs of users from the most simple applications such as software writing , or the specialized software for programming or entertainment.

The operating system is free, so users can upload, backup, copy, share, or much more without having to pay licensing fees.

Ubuntu Desktop - Open source operating system Ubuntu

Ubuntu Operating System

– With Ubuntu Desktop Edition, users can access the Internet, reading email, manipulate text and spreadsheets, edit images and other operations quite easily and for free. With 1 pc desktops normal configuration, the installation can take place smoothly within 30 minutes.

– The first time the system boots, you will see the desktop extremely simple, without any symbol (icon) of the program at all.

– The software handles the complete text: OpenOffice free software is integrated into the Ubuntu as:

– Word Processing: The most basic what you can write one letter to one autobiography.

– Calculated: 1 tool to calculate, analyze and introduce data through reports or charts.

– Slideshow: simple, yet powerful, one powerful presentation helps the user can create a slide with high efficiency.

– Easily share and handle multiple file formats with Microsoft Office products, Word Perfect, KOffice or StarOffice.

– Quickly and easily update the patch, the security vulnerabilities directly from the manufacturer with a few clicks.

– Diverse software systems: users only have to select the appropriate software needs from the available list of Ubuntu, all just waiting for users to download and use. Above all, all completely free!

– Support multiple languages: Vietnamese to integrate both in the installer, the installation and use is easy and simple for many people.

The main interface of Ubuntu

The main interface of Ubuntu: All that the user needs to do to get one of the Ubuntu operating system is downloaded .iso file * directly from the homepage, burn, install and start using!

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