Windows Phone for Mac – Connect your Windows Phone devices with Mac

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To meet the demand for data transfer from your Mac to your phone / device running Windows Phone operating system, and vice versa, Microsoft has launched Windows Phone software for Mac.

To use this program on a Mac, a user must grant access to the iTunes and iPhoto library on your computer by clicking the OK button in the dialog box that appears. Then you can freely access the files stored in this library. Especially users simply perform the operation this setting only once.

After connecting the device to Mac, Windows Phone for Mac will be scanned. This will be done after every reconnection and the program will provide information such as the amount was used, the remaining space and the type of data added to recent (compared with previous scans ).

Windows Phone for Mac

Once a successful connection, Windows Phone for Mac will let you find browsing on mobile content and can organize documents according to the type of media on your Mac, such as songs, photos, videos, movies, shows TV shows, podcasts, and ringtones. Depending on the type of files that users can choose to synchronize with iTunes music library, playlists or pictures in iPhoto album.

Windows Phone for Mac – Connect your Windows Phone devices with Mac

In addition, Windows Phone for Mac also supports mobile data synchronization on Mac.

However, instead of copying the entire content from Windows Phone to Mac, the program allows the selective sync. You can tick the video, song, playlist, photos, albums you want to sync.

If you already own a phone or a Zune HD device and a Mac, Windows Phone for Mac is a very useful tool for you to connect content between the two tools.


Sync songs, movies, TV shows and podcasts from your iTunes library on your Mac is available to devices running Windows Phone.

The program supports only transfers files without DRM mark.

Sync photos, video from iPhoto or Aperture library on your Mac to mobile devices running Windows Phone.

See photos, video shoot on Windows Phone devices and automatically import these files into iPhoto library / Aperture on your computer.

Browse and preview media files stored on the mobile.

Supported languages: English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Sweden .


Supports devices running Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.

Drag and drop files into the interface DNG Browse Device.

Edit some detail in the interface.

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