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The plugin is used to enhance the functionality you get from the web browser. You will need to keep or remove a certain few plugins. So how you can manage your browser plugin that uses an easy and effective?

Of course, one of the effective ways is to use the Plugin Manager Wise program.

From the central location is the interface of the app, you can view and manage all of the browser plugin.

If you have installed multiple applications on personal computers previously would not trouble you install this program at all.

You just download the installer (with a size of about 2MB), launch it, and then follow the instructions displayed on the screen through the installation wizard.

Wise Plugin Manager is designed to interface with dark themes with 2 boards.

The table to the left displays the link for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. For example, select Google Chrome, the entire browser plugin that will be shown in the table on the right.

Wise Plugin Manager - Manage plug-in browser

Each browser is assigned a separate table, where you can see a list of all the gadgets and toolbars found along with information describing their overall function. Wise Plugin Manager allows you to easily deactivate or activate any gadget with one click, or even permanently remove the ones you no longer need or use.

Wise Plugin Manager

Additionally, you can line up each gadget, read, like or dislike user reviews and even add your own comments to other users to view. Community Rating System can be the starting point for you to decide whether to install the utility or certain toolbar on my computer.

One of the most important benefits of Wise Plugin Manager is that it can determine the presence of the plugin and toolbar that is normally very difficult to find, because they are not shown in the ‘Extensions’ or’ Addons ‘browser. In addition, the application also allows you to set the default browser from within the user interface graphical (GUI) of it.

Wise Plugin Manager perform important tasks is to provide you with the ability to clean up from the utility system, toolbars and BHOs ‚Äč‚Äčunnecessary components that other applications installed without consent your permission.

From the application interface, you can access the following functions: view a list of installed plugins; activate and deactivate the plugin; remove the plugin; assess and evaluate the plugin view; browser choice and set it as the default; mark application updates.

Wise Plugin Manager is freeware. At the time of writing, the app is still in Beta.


Wise Plugin Manager continually performing process improvements and new changes follows:

Add sorting functionality plugin, add-ons and extensions.

Updated translations.

Some other changes.

Manage plug-in browser


All free

Wise Plugin Manager is one of the effective software from firms WiseCleaner. The user can use the update program and receive technical support free of charge.

Support multiple browser types

Plugin Manager Wise comprehensive support for 4 popular browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Ease of use and quick

Wise Plugin Manager is designed pretty neat. All the plugin, add-ons and extensions installed in the browser will be listed clearly.

Just click to turn on / off or delete them, thus avoiding complicated steps to manage them in the set at the same time help improve the efficiency of the browser.

This is really useful program to manage plugins, add-ons and extensions depending on the needs of the user at that time.

Set the default browser with one click

Users can set any browser installed as the default browser to operate the Plugin Manager Wise.

Options assessed

Users can assess and refer plugin by clicking the ‘Ratings’ or learn more about the plugin through reading comments from other users.

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