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Wise System Monitor – System monitoring tool for free

Wise System Monitor is a system monitoring tool Windows free and easy to use to help you track and manage processes, hardware, network traffic, memory and many other useful information on PC and its personnel. Learn more about Wise System Monitor below.

Wise System Monitor - System monitoring tool for free

What Is a Wise System Monitor?

Wise System Monitor is designed with the user interface simple and the graphics capabilities of modern and provides access to all functionality with just one click.

Features ‘Process Monitor’ allow you to view a list of system and user processes that are operating, along with detailed information on CPU, memory consumption ratio and data transfer.

You can configure System Monitor to display Wise processes .NET or abort system and with just one click.

Wise System Monitor is capable of providing general information about the hardware configuration, showing the details relating to all components that are equipped with computers.

It shows you the type of operating system, data processor (manufacturer, serial number, model, core, temperature), motherboard, memory, graphics card (GPU and memory use ), hard drives, network adapters (type, MAC address, the connection ID) and sound card.

System monitoring tool for free

In addition, the app also comes with a stereo that can be placed at any location on the desktop to provide functional data about network traffic, RAM and CPU usage.

Wise System Monitor can be used as a tracking application process, allowing you to ensure that no suspicious applications are active on your personal computer.

Additionally, it provides you with a comprehensive view of the hardware configuration, data access for all components. Thanks to stereo, you will know the information related to the system resources are most important.


All free, Wise System Monitor is one free tracking software from WiseCleaner great. Users can use, update, and receive technical assistance for the program is completely free.

Neat interface

Wise System Monitor has been designed with a simple interface and compact like products WiseCleaner. The only two tabs that do not contain any setup or activity on the interface, which is System Monitor and Hardware Monitor.

Floating window

Floating window displays important information such as track speed upload / download, amount of RAM / CPU and the temperature of the main hardware components.

You can check the information in real time by clicking on the corresponding entry.

Process Monitor

Process Monitor displays a clear list including all system and user processes are active.

Moreover, the user can check the network connection in real time and speed upload / download of each process.

Hardware Monitor

Hardware Monitor displays information about the main hardware components such as CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, hard drive, SSD, network card and sound card.

In addition, it can detect and display the temperature of the components most important hardware in real time.

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