XSplit Gamecaster – Video recording and video-streaming gaming

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If you are a game lover, than you’ve been tracking the classic game ball is passed directly from the championship game in the world or Empire games with interesting narration. If so then this is certainly an interesting news for many gamers and you anymore, because with the support of XSplit Gamecaster, you absolutely can record, play back clips of his game, even streaming media on the Internet.

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Simple application ease of use allows users to transmit their video gaming to online sharing sites like Twitch, Ustream, YouTube and many other sites.

Designed specifically to bring convenience for gamers, XSplit Gamecaster have very easy to use. When you start playing the game, you can press Ctrl + Tab, then the program will appear as a small menu. Users simply press the corresponding button to select the video or video and share with friends.

XSplit Gamecaster - Video recording and video-streaming gaming

About XSplit Gamecaster

Besides, in the setup menu, XSplit Gamecaster support some features such as choosing where to transfer and share videos, selected social networks want to post video. Meanwhile, in the other tab of this menu, you can view the video came back or can set shortcuts for the most convenient Star.

Not only that, in the process of recording or transmitting video gaming, XSplit Gamecaster also provides the option to add notes and other visual effects to images gaming.

Similarly, users can also configure the mic and camera according to their own computer. Even XSplit Gamecaster supports a popup window when chat via Twitch.

One other great feature is XSplit Gamecaster also allows you to change the speed and image resolution when transmitting video. Along with that, this software also supports an optional Chroma Key, allows using background blue when transmitting / video game console if desired.

XSplit Gamecaster has compatibility with multiple video cards.

At the same time, not only for conventional rotations and play video games on a computer, users can connect external devices such as PS3 game console, Wii U, Xbox 360 and perform similar functions on board the provincial.

How to use XSplit Gamecaster?

Using Gamecaster XSplit playing all kind of games on the computer

Using Gamecaster XSplit playing all kind of games on the computer:

Users simply open the game want to record, press Ctrl + Tab to display thumbnail menu XSplit Gamecaster right in game interface and perform desired activities: spinning or conventional gaming picture.

There is compatibility with many of gaming:

If your computer has installed the XSplit Gamecaster card support can transmit and turned on the computer not only gameplay but also on the external connected devices such as PlayStation 2, Wii U, Xbox 360 …

Add webcam and picture frames in the video player:

With XSplit Gamecaster, you can use the webcam to transmit the game more easily.

Users only need to activate the camera in XSplit Gamecaster menu, adjust the size and position to match the frames.

Not only that, you also can help video gameplay becomes more adept at activating the option to add effects Chroma Key green background image on video.

Drawing directly on the screen with additional features notes:

With additional features notes of XSplit integrated Gamecaster, users can inform viewers about his next action or information to note when playing games that …

Share your video game console:

XSplit Gamecaster allows users to interact more easily with your gamer friends via Twitch integrated chat feature or by sharing video gaming directly from the program on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Sort and post those glorious moments during games:

Gamecaster XSplit help you classify and manage images taken during games easily.

You can easily pick out his best play videos to share with friends and other gamers.

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