YouNote for Windows 8 – Multifunctional notes

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This app has a modern interface. Not only that, if you use a touchscreen device, YouNote for Windows 8 also supports all kinds of stylus, allowing users to write notes directly on the device. In case users use the computer to install Windows 8 is YouNote still support the best possible features.

YouNote for Windows 8 – Multifunctional notes

How to download YouNote for Windows?

You can record ideas and their thoughts, can add photos and captions to your photos if you wish and can create a list of important work to do.

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How to use YouNote for Windows


Create quick notes for class lectures or meetings within the company:
With these sensors, the user can use the stylus to write notes directly on the device. Then YouNote for Windows 8 will use the advanced features help turn your handwriting into text. You can share notes with classmates or his colleagues.

Create cards and send congratulatory messages to friends and relatives:
Users can insert images, forms, graphs, web pages or take a picture on a computer and use the tool to add notes YouNote for Windows 8 to insert text into the photo. You can create a gift card to send friends a very simple way, just add photos and insert text on the photo. Besides, users can also create images extremely simple guidelines by adding more maps and directions on the photo.

Perform presentations with innovative painting tools:
YouNote for Windows 8 can help you make a professional presentation and unique technology-to-Shape Draw monopoly. With this technique, YouNote will revise the figures in your presentations to the cube with the correct aspect ratio: triangle, square, rectangle and circle. This feature is very convenient if presentation using multiple diagrams.

YouNote for Windows 8 - Multifunctional notes

Collect images of presentations directly:
With this feature, users can capture the screen of the presentation or image notes and convert images into text. Thanks to the support of image correction technology features intelligent, YouNote for Windows 8 will separate the presentation slides shots, capture photos and text panel, fix the issues related to the angle and produce a document with clear characters possible.


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